Former Big Brother UK Housemate Makosi Denies Joy Bewaji’s Book Theft Claims

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Days after Joy Bewaji came out with her claims that Big Brother Housemate Makosi Musambasi ‘stole’ her book, Makosi has reportedly gathered a legal team and is ready for a court battle.

Imanuel Janah reports that a female lawyer representing Makosi has issued a statement rubbishing the claims as ‘malicious and vindictive.’ The lawyer confirmed that Makosi paid Bewaji the sum of N1 500 000 ($9200) at one point, N245 000 ($1500) at another and N350 000 ($2100) and again ($12,800) to ghost-write this book.

“Joy requested for an additional N3,000,000 ($19,300) to ghost write this book, which would have made it a total of N5,000,000 ($32,000),” she said

According to Nehanda Radio, problem erupted when Joy realised who Makosi was after scouring the internet and she decided to ask for more money. Thereafter, Makosi requested that the contract be terminated and Joy refund her money but the publicist refused; claiming she had already started the job and invested a lot in the process.

However, Makosi proceeded to focus her energy on compiling the book “with some influence from her private journal.”

There are documented evidence that Makosi had a deal with Joy and more importantly she was paid to do a job she totally neglected and worse still failed to make a refund.

There is also a counter-claim that Joy made unsuccessful attempts to contact Makosi through third parties, asking to negotiate in a bizarre bid to blackmail her.



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  1. Makosi l’ll advice u to stop now. This will only get dirtier. Joy has unbelievable evidence against u DAT will make you look d fool in court. I am a journalist and I got loads of munched BB conversation between d two of u. And it makes u look bad. I hope she doesn’t send it out to blogs; I hope she uses it to strike u down in court

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