Fast & Furious Things: Escaped Prisoner Steals 20 Cars!

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So check this out. Just within a period of two years, a 32 year old convict, Kingsley Chibuzor has stolen over 20 cars.

He escaped from Kirikiri Medium Prison in 2011, where he was serving a three year sentence for malicious damage but he only spent some months there before escaping. He said that one day, around 4am, he told a (brilliant) prison official to help him get kerosene and the prison officer left the door to the prison open.

“I was able to sneak into a particular area of the building and jumped over the fence. The area was dark and nobody saw me. From there, I trekked to Ojo Barracks to visit my mother but when she asked how I left prison, I did not answer her.” He continues.

After his escape, he specialised in snatching cars In Lagos, Anambra and Ebonyi States. the father of four had initially relocated to Imo State for 6 months but later returned to Lagos saying that he could not survive the village. He then took up a job as a commercial bus driver and took up car robbery as a ‘side-job’. According to him, he wasn’t so bad since he didn’t kill his victims and only goes on a robbing errand when he’s broke.

The guy is so bad that one day a man got down from his car to open the gate to his house and drive in. Immediately, our Chibuzor and his accomplice jumped in and drove off. It was later that the geniuses realized that the man’s girlfriend was in the car.

Fortunately or unfortunately- depending on whose point of view –  Chibuzor and later his apprentice were eventually arrested by the Lagos Police while on a job.




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