Ethiopians Fans Attack Nigerians In Ethiopia

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Omo! The thing don turn to vex. It has been allegedly reported that Ethiopians are venting their anger on Nigerians in Addis Ababa. They have been attacking Nigerian businesses and setting cars on fire in response to what they see as the unfair loss of their national team the Walia Antelopes to the Super Eagles.

The Super Eagles beat the Antelopes on Sunday by two to one in the first leg of a World Cup qualifier, which gives them the advantage in the two-legged tie.  However, Ethiopian fans feel robbed by the Cameroonian referee who denied them what looked like a clear goal in the 24 minute.   Halfway through the second half, Saladin Said, Ethiopia’s best player, controlled a long diagonal ball well and managed to beat Nigerian goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama only to see Godfrey Oboabona clear it off the line. Video replays shows that the ball had clearly crossed the line but Cameroonian official Neant Alioum refused to give the goal.   To make matters worse for the home side, Mr Alioum awarded a 90th minute penalty against the Walia Antelopes after Ethiopian defender Hailu Aynalem needlessly dragged Emmanuel Emenike down in the penalty area. Nigeria’s leading goalscorer, Emenike then got up and coolly slotted home the decisive winner.   So far, Ethiopia has had a near perfect record in the World cup qualifiers, winning all their home games and thousands of Walia Antelope fans had trooped to Addis Ababa’s national stadium expecting another victory. Following the loss to the Eagles, the anger boiled over into the streets of Addis Ababa



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  1. Lie lie lie. Ethiopian’s are used to losing for the past 32 years and in fact it was a grace that the score was just 1-2 against Le Grande Nigeria.

  2. WTF? nigerian businesses in Ethiopia?…i can’t even remember seein a nigerian man execpt G.Jonathan and …the football players in Europe

  3. Hi, this might be pretext to attack Ethiopian in the upcoming match in Nigeria. Let me tell you brother there is no Nigeria business in Ethiopia. You stole our game thanks to the at f–ked arbiter.

  4. It is tru I hv d pics on my phone u ethiopian are bad losers. U attacked nigerians n burnt their businesses if u think am lying google it u will see d pics

  5. The ball is inside the line. Everyone please see/study the shades of the ball, the player and the pole in this picture. Then you can conclude as the ball is inside the line. As far as I know, there is no Nigerian business in Ethiopia. Lying is cheap.

  6. nigerian business in ethiopia? hmmm can u name them…i don’t know why some nigerians like spreading false stories about ethiopia. we are brothers men! i beg no vex! viva africa!

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