End Time Things!: Rick Ross Announces New Single With Jay-Z Titled “The Devil Is A Lie” [VIDEO]

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With his new album dropping on the 17th of December, rapper Rick Ross is dropping some massive singles to whet our appetites.

Apart dropping No Games with singer Future, the Boss is back with the second single of the Mastermind album, featuring fellow rapper Jay-Z.

The intriguing part about the single is the song’s title: The Devil Is A Lie.

Rick Ross talked to MTV’s  Sway about the single, saying “We went in another direction but it’s just one of those records that’s gonna speak for itself and everybody’s gonna have their opinion of it.”

He also talked about the working-relationship he has with Jay saying “From my second album, to my third and fourth, anytime I needed a collaboration, he always made it happen. He’s been out of the country [for] some events, I’ve [called] him last minute and he made it happens. So there’s always been that genuine respect.”



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