Do Naija men prefer morning coffee to morning sex find out here

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Perhaps it’s time we reevaluate the convenience of our Starbucks Gold Cards. In a recent study of 7,455 people conducted by Le Meridien Hotels & Resorts, about 53-percent of frequent travelers (more than half of whom were women) stated they prefer a cup of coffee over morning sex. Well, this report makes perfect sense when you consider the 28-percent who feel less creative without their morning joe, and the 22-percent who are physically unable to start their day without it.

And if you’re of the morning-sex-or-bust mindset, this only gets worse. Nearly 80-percent of survey participants said that they would pick coffee over alcohol, social media, or sex if they were forced to choose one over the other three for a full year. All we can say is that these 7,455 must have some pretty effing excellent coffee beans in their kitchen.

Lol, I read this article on Marie and I wondered, seriously wondered if this refers to Naija men as well.

I know how the naija men feel about sex and I haven’t concluded a research yet, but I know a large percentage of Nigerian men wouldn’t stay long in a relationship without getting some.

So now the big question is, would they because of any of the reasons discussed by Marie Claire prefer coffee to the Vee?

Guys, Oya answer. Would you prefer coffee to morning sex and why?



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