Cougar Love; why its very okay

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Okay, we have it in Hollywood all the time that it is not necessarily news anymore. Around here, we still find it a taboo but it doesn’t change the fact that it is a topic that comes up from time to time.

Older women & younger men, should it happen?

From Jlo and Casper Smart to Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick to Mariah Carey and Nick Canon, Hollywood celebs have always had that situation.

Not until recently however, did we have some people bold enough to flaunt it in Nigeria, like we have in the case of stylist Toyin Lawani and her younger boo.

Question is however, does it work? Should it even happen? And should it be treated like the Child marriage issue?

Before now, my stance on this issue was No way, you’re a grown woman and you shouldn’t even date a man two seconds younger than you.

Then sometimes ago, I “re-met” a younger guy (seventeen months younger by the way) and we got talking, exchanged pins, numbers and stuff and I found myself liking him and later loving him! He was fun and interesting and someone my older boyfriends didn’t seem to be.

And what was more? He just got me.

Why we didn’t work out is gist for another article but truth it, I loved every bit of what we shared. And also, until every woman has it happening to her, she can’t judge the people in it.

Let me tell you why younger guys are good and why it’s okay to give it a go.

-They are fun. More fun than the older guys who seem to take life a bit too seriously. Older guys are more “problematic” than the younger ones and they tend to create more drama.

-They are more romantic. This tends to happen with older women, you know say women in their forties dating twenty something year olds or guys in their early thirties. Older men seem not to have time for romance when they reach a certain age, but the younger men go all the way.

-They love more. A younger man tends to take care of his older woman more than he’d take care of a woman younger than him. This is simply because they feel the need to prove to you they can be capable so they love without holding back.

-They spend more. Forget the myth that says all younger male lovers are in it for the money.  Not all.  Some of them actually have more money than the older women. In my case, the younger guy was earning a whole lot more than me. He got a good job straight out of school and I was still a struggling writer. How would I have spent more if we had to go to fancy dinners and buy each other presents? You dig? When they love you fiercely, to show you that they can do what their older counterparts do, they spend more.

-They are overprotective. Every woman loves a protective man, you know someone to fall back on when there’s war. Lol. Younger men always protect their women so much they even sometimes get overprotective. Cute yeah?

-They are respectful. No they don’t get rude simply because y’all now share more than kisses and stuff, they respect you like a man respects his woman. Because they know you need it and you deserve it.

Amazing innit?



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  1. Yipee,tomilola has done it again.This piece is very well said and so true,but hey u forgot to mention the fact that they spice up the cougars sex life and mind you thats different from being

  2. Just 17 months? U can’t be a judge then. The only thing I agree with is they are more fun. But that doesn’t compensate for the immaturity.

  3. maturity is certainly not age, but based on a statistical research, girls mature earlier than boys….so their will be immaturity….

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