Chocolate City’s Femcee Pryse Drops Warning: “Every Guy In The Industry Should Watch Out”

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Those familiar with the rap industry will  not be stranger’s to the name Pryse, First Lady of M.I’s Chocolate City’s record label.

In this interview with 360nobs’ Wana, the Port-Harcourt bred rapper talks about the music industry, her aspirations and when fans should expect her debut album.

Who is Pryse?
Pryse was born Princess Esindu and the last of three older brothers. I’m sometimes shy, but fun loving.

How did you get involved with rap as a genre? 
As the only daughter, I was a bit of a tom-boy as a teenager. So following my brothers around, I got into hip-hop at an early age. I started writing raps when I was ten years old. By fourteen I was recording songs with my brother in our audio studio, which my family’s media company acquired at that time. I guess you could say It was meant to be…….LOL

How was life growing up in Port-Harcourt? 
Well, to be honest, i was always at home working on craft and in the studio, i was also working in our family business as a production assistant, but I did get to go for the occasional show or party because of my brother *winkwink. We were also known within the entertainment industry circles but our parents kept us grounded.

Is it a challenge making music in a genre that is dominated by men?

It is a challenge being in a male-dominated genre because people feel like women have nothing to say so they either underestimate ladies or patronise them. And there are a lot of guys in the game which makes it also very competitive, that’s why all the female rappers are soo supportive with each other, every female rapper in the industry have huge potential and are all game changers. All the guys should WATCH OUT

Does it bother or motivate you that no female rapper in Nigeria has ever achieved the level of success the likes of M.I. & Ice Prince have reached?

It motivates me because I’m confident that I have what it takes to do what they did. It just means there’s a space there for whoever has the skill and fortune to claim it.

How do you like to relax?

I like to read…a lot…..Lol, i get a lot of inspiration from what i read, thats why they call me Punch Line queen


What challenges have you faced since returning to Nigeria to face music full-time? 
Since coming back to Nigeria, I have had to readjust a lot – my expectations, my standard of living, etc. I thought all I would have to do is rap, but there’s so much more involved in being in this industry. Much more than I imagined. And, of course, its naija. Enough said. However I wouldn’t change my decision. It’ll be worth it in the long run.

How did you come in contact with Chocolate City?

I was putting music out online while I ws in school and one day I tweeted at M.I asking for a follow back. He saw ‘rapper’ in my bio and asked me to send music to his email address.  I sent him my version of Oleku and apparently he liked it. He searched for more stuff I’d done and listened to them. Then he hit me up and asked me to join the Choc Boiz. Just like that. I was so happy.

What is your relationship with former label mates Jesse Jagz & Brymo?


What’s your relationship status?


What irritates you the most in a man?

Control-freak behaviour, and chauvinism.

How soon should fans expect your debut album? 
My album will be ready in 2014

What artistes have you enjoyed working with in your career so far?

I have enjoyed working with M.I and the Choc Boiz, but my best work has been with relatively unknown artistes: Jumar, Koker, Ms Iye and Stormrex.

Who’s your Nigerian celebrity crush?

Lol. My celebrity crush is maybe Praiz. Just because of M.I’s ‘Epic’ and how great he sang. I had no idea what he looked like then so when I saw him for the first time I couldn’t help but trip.



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