Brymo Talks About ‘Merchant, Dealers & Slaves’, Chocolate City Rumors In New Interview

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Releasing his new album in the midst of numerous reports on the media has made singer Brymo a popular headline recently.

In this interview with 360Nobs’ Wana, the ‘Ara’ singer talks about his motivation, the reason behind the naming of the album, and of course, Chocolate City.

Where did the name Merchant, Dealers & Slaves come from?

The album title was inspired by time. I happen to be a big fan of history, and I noticed over time the cycle of human relationships, how we constantly strive for freedom every now and then. Irrespective of who you are, there’s always a need for re-evaluation and self assessment which eventually gives birth to the need to make changes. M,D&S was inspired by my story in relations to that of other peoples’.


Considering that your last album, Son Of A Kapenta, was released just under a year ago, would you say your style has evolved much since then?

A lot has happened in one year, some I look back upon with utmost joy while others spill regrets. More importantly however it’s been a great learning process and it has greatly influenced my music. I stay forever grateful for the gift.

The album has already begun to gather high acclaim, with comparisons drawn to Asa’s classic self-titled debut album. How does that make you feel?

It feels great to have my work compared with respectable talents, it can only mean I have grown. I am very much happy about the outcome of all the effort that was put into the work.

A noticeable fact about Merchant, Dealers & Slaves is that there’s only one feature from another artist. Why was that?

My very first album “brymstone” featured a rapper called xap, “#TheSonOfaCarpenter” only featured Jesse Jagz, and now M,D&S has David.. A feature per album not only shows an artiste is willing to put in work as it’s difficult to impress people all by yourself on at least 10 songs, it also gives special attention to the featured artiste.

With this album, many feel that you have solidified your place as one of the greatest voices in Nigerian music. What other artistes do you think are in that category?

That list will be quite rich. I’m not sure if I have the capacity to mention names but there’s definitely no voice sweeter or greater than the voice of wisdom, every Nigerian act who has taken time to lend a voice to the people’s struggle falls in this category.


Rumors about legal battles with Chocolate City have been floating around the media and have no doubt impacted your career. What motivates to keep going despite all this?

Like you put it, they are all rumours. I have not received any notice of any legal proceeding whatsoever from chocolate city. However the impact on my career is immense and I have never been in this place before, my motivation has been and still remains music. Good music is always food to the soul.

Brymo’s album is already available for sale on iTunes. Don’t carry last!



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