Breast Fans Ever: Fans Donate N3.7m For Model To Increase Breast Size From LLL To Q! [PHOTOS]

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Fans have donated about $23,000 for big-breasted glamour model Lacey Wildd to get even more big breasted as she plans to increase her breast size from its current LLL to a Q. Her whopping 21pounds heavy breasts are currently being held in place in her body with an internal bra made from pigskin and her muscle implanted into her torso.

The 45-year-old, mother-of-six, aged 6 to 29, from Miami, Florida, told the Sun Sentinel that the operation, her thirteenth in total, is set for early 2014.

Plastic surgeons will insert implants weighing a total of 42pounds into her chest, seeing her claim title to the largest augmented breasts in the world – the top spot is held by Maxi Mounds, who wears a U.S. size 42M bra.

Ms Wildd said that she is ‘nervous’ about her surgery, paid for by internet donations, as medical experts have repeatedly warned her it’s not safe. But Ms Wildd insists that her ambition to increase the size of her breasts is actually for her children’s welfare.

‘I want to leave a legacy to my children,’ says Ms Wildd.  She says ‘My goal was never to be famous. My goal was to be able to take care of them, to be able to support them.’

She said growing up she was one of six children, and her mother was so poor they couldn’t afford a house with electricity or running water.

‘I want to provide for my kids and pay for a college education, so they have opportunities I didn’t have,’ Ms Wildd previously said.

With the additional TV appearances, film work and subscriptions to her website,, she says her income has ‘quadrupled’ since 2012 and she plans on retiring in three years time.

However, Ms Wildd’s children, four of which still live at home, say that her looks have seen them face cyber-bullying and teasing at school.

Below are some of Lacey Wildd’s pictures. Does it make any sense to keep going considering going larger is a health risk? Is she really doing this for her kids or for selfish reasons – when clearly she is addicted to surgery. Where does one draw the line? So far Lacey has had  12 breast enlargements as well as tummy tucks, bottom implants and silicone implants in her lips.

Living Large: Going bigger from this to a bigger size
Her facebook ad to go bigger
Lacey Wildd and her children who want her to stop
Only the best for Ms. Wildd
Lacey Wildd
Lacey Wildd after her first surgery in 1991
A picture of Lacey after one of her surgeries in 2001
Silicone mad – Lacey has had 12 breast enlargements as well as tummy tucks, bottom implants and silicone implants in her lips.


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  1. these is just complete madness, 42 pounds? dint the doctors advice her on the risk…..12 surgeries , does she so much like the scalpel

  2. damsel is right….there’s nothing she giving her kids she they won’t trade 2 have a normal mum, than a 42 pounds breasted mum….p.s wana, u have the best headlines on 360nobs…

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