Break-ups: Be happy with no Closure by Ifunanya Mokwuah

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Break-ups are hard and painful, especially when you find out your spouse or significant other did something to jeopardize the relationship such as cheating or lying. We feel confused, frustrated and alone. You have given yourself completely to that individual only to be left abandoned and hurt. I know the feeling.

This idea of needing to know every detail and trying to find out why things happened the way they did is closure. We feel we need to know everything, to have that peace of mind in order to move on when in fact that closure makes the situation worse.

If your significant other told you he/she cheated, HE/SHE CHEATED! Knowing why, with whom, when, where will only give more grief. We all want to investigate and play detective but what happens after the questions are answered? More hurt and more pain.

Sometimes be happy with no closure, if someone you thought loved and cared about you; hurt you. Don’t put it on myself to add more sadness to an already sad moment in your life. To each, is it’s own, but don’t fool yourself saying closure will give you peace of mind!

In all actuality, closure is just another way we try and factor if we could still be with that person, to see if their crime of love is worth us leaving or trying to make the relationship work.

Ifunanya's Piece Of Mind

Ifunanya's Piece Of Mind

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