BOOTYFANtastic: [NSFW]A Female Fan Goes ‘Dance Crazy’ At The Cokobar Music Festival (Photos)

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Last night at the Cokobar Music Festival which took place at the Indigo o2, London, it wasn’t just Olamide, Sean Tizzle and Flavour driving the crowd crazy with their hot performances, the female fans that were chosen to come on stage to flex their dancing skills also caused a frenzy.

On two occasions ladies were picked from the audience to wow the crowd with their sexy dance moves, however, two young ladies stood out amongst the rest.

One young lady from Zimbabwe was amongst the ladies called on stage by Eddie Kadi to win a chance to stand on stage while Flavour was performing. The ladies had to come on stage and show the crowd how well they could whine their waist and shake what their mama’s gave them. This young lady in particular showed the crowd how endowed she was as she bounced and shook on stage so much so that she gave the audience a peek of her selling point.

The other young lady that left the crowd with their jaws on the ground was called on stage by Flavour after she claimed she could shake better than the other ladies he had called on stage to dance while he performed “Ada”. Once she took to the stage and showcased her shaking skills, the crowd was jumping and hollering. Even Flavour had to take the time to appreciate her talent and asked her to dance some more.

There truly ain’t no party like a Cokobar party! Pictures below.  Get permission if you are viewing this on a work computer – LOL!

Cokobar Music Festival 2013-_DSC0710-360nobs Cokobar Music Festival 2013-_DSC0711-360nobs Cokobar Music Festival 2013-_DSC0713-360nobs Cokobar Music Festival 2013-_DSC0714-360nobs Cokobar Music Festival 2013-_DSC0715-360nobs Cokobar Music Festival 2013-_DSC0716-360nobs

More amazing pictures to follow from Michael Tubes, stay and remain clicked.

Text: Mariam Ajibola

Check out all the amazing pictures from the event here. You’ll be glad you did – Flavour, Olamide, Sean Tizzle, Solid Star, Lola Rae and Iyanya.



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