Bash It Like Beckham: David Beckham Crashes His Range Rover Outside His Home [PHOTOS]

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Former England superstar David Beckham suffered a minor accident on Friday after he crashed his car into an oncoming vehicle.

The ex-England football captain was allegedly in his black Range Rover Sport with what looked like his son Brooklyn, 14, in the front passenger seat when the collision reportedly occurred at 2.30pm on Friday.

Onlookers say David, 38, pulled out of his driveway and hit an oncoming car being driven by a woman.

He reportedly reversed back into his drive way and waited within his residence before police arrived to question him about the incident.

Police were seen leaving his home, then interviewing witnesses nearby for more information about the accident.

Damage was clearly visible on the white Acura 4×4, as well as David’s expensive Range Rover Sport, where the bumper was hanging off the front.

The former sports star bought the car in 2010 which is estimated to be worth between $60,595 and $76,195.
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