#ASUUstrike Update: Man of God Loses Sympathy For Nigerian Lecturers (Read The Details)

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Too much of everything they say is bad and when a music is played more than once in quick succession, it becomes boring to the ears. So also is the current strike action embarked on by ASUU which is in its fourth month.

If a man of God loses sympathy, what do we have left?

While commenting about the current strike, the Archbishop of Jos, Most Rev. Ignatius Kaigama on Sunday said that ASUU(Academic Staff Union of Universities) has lost its focus and that he has lost sympathy for the lecturers. He made these comments at the 80th anniversary of St. Theresa’s Catholic Church in Jos, Plateau State.

The Archbishop went further to say that ASUU by allowing the strike to linger is an exhibition of sheer insensitivity and he regretted that the association had failed to yield to pleas from all quarters including Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria stressing that ASUU has other personal reasons other than the future of education they claim they are fighting for.

His words:- “Initially I was with ASUU, but when they have allowed the students to stay at home for four months now they begin to lose my sympathy. You don’t go on a strike for a long time, especially in a sector like education, the bedrock of the development of any society.

You said you are fighting for the students and have allowed them to stay at home for more than four months, you must be fighting for something else. You have made your point and all I expect is that they should have listened to all the pleadings by Nigerians including the Catholic Bishops Conference which has just ended its meeting in Benue state and where we appealed to ASUU, in the interest of Nigerian Students to go back to the class room.

Despite pleas from several quarters, ASUU has proven to be adamant and many are still wondering why they keep increasing their demand anytime the government is ready to respond. Their recent claim of N3 thrillion is still very surprising. What most people are aware of is the N500 billion out of which FG is ready to pay N130 billion.

But let’s ask this question rhetorically of course, or maybe not, so, if ASUU should receive this money they are fighting for, where would they spend it? Would we benefit from it as students? Would they improve our resources in our dilapidated campuses or would this money line the pockets of just the lecturers?

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  1. Selfishness is d most Enermy of this country cut across al sector, both public and private sectors imagine lecturers picketing as if they re not citizens of this nation.If rich men love ‘themselfs’ let poor think twice.

  2. what do you know? illiterates! when they said no nigerian university is among the first 500 in the world, you are not surprise. shame that a man of God talks like that. Is infrastructural development and laboratory equipment, hostel and lecture rooms for lecturers? better get a copy of the agreement and educate yourself. you are the kind of men of God who are not patient with God. Please, mislead your members and not the public. Ghana shut down their universities for 1 year and everything is going on well now. s/africa, ghana, egypt, kenya, etc are ahead of nigeria in ranking and you are not ashame.

  3. Surelly this man is not man of GOD! rather a man of devil or a devil himself,devil why ar u directly blaming ASUU? devil go and continue cheetng ur local followers not we Nigerians! we knew that GEJ has paid u and he appointed u as his campaing codinator. Is beta u shout off if u dont hav anythng to offer.

  4. Gongdon, are u not Afraid to talk to a man of God in that manner. Even. If u dont like what he said, that does not give u the right to insult him

    1. Iykeezy, its unfortunate even you cannot differentiate what comes out of real men of God and those who are fake ministers. Like someone said, he is a sponsored candidate. i don’t expect a learned man to talk like that. let me tell u, i was to defend my PhD the week asuu proceeded on strike and that denied me a job. but am not bothered, i am thinking of my young ones and other nigerian youths. we have to put sentiment aside and face reality. federal universities are going down. read my comment very well. is not about the so-called man of God. if i have his no or know his church, i swear i will confront him! they are the ones misleading followers.

  5. It is without a doubt that that asuu fights for something good, but we would be blind to think all their motives are pure and with out greed. If we were all 100% sure they would rehabilitate the schools we would fight behind them but they won’t and most of it would go in to indidvidual gain like our leader have so ofter done.

  6. gongdon,i think your blood should be use as sacrifice for this asuu fight,through that nigeria education will be better,let me tell you this shall affect your generation if it’s good or bad ,u can sacrifice your life i think.you need a good manner on how to talk.nigeria is not a countary where you will trust those oga at the top for what they are fighting for,so be wise and stop talking foolishly

  7. Let face the fact even if FG give them the money do u think they r going to use it on our schools if u have that in ur mind then u must be a dreamer u sound as if u r not a Nigeria they are fight for themselves not for the student okay this is getting too much remember we r u not Ghana even if ASUU strike for 10 years our education sector will still remain as it’s now ok ASUU should call off the strike for our sake we all know they playing games ASUU and FG knows what they r fighting for not for education

  8. gongdon, tink wit d brain dat God gave u b4 u open ur shameless mouth and start blabing abt tinz dat can have a negative effect on ur lyf. Even a man of God has his own say on issues and u dnt have d right 2 talk 2 him in d manner u did…tink b4 u talk! Fool!

    1. With your myopic sights. you have not yet seen the strike! prepare to stay at home till next year. let the bishop go and open the universities. you can use all the abusive word you know on me but i don’t care. it is the man of God that i think i should be concern about if he respond.How many students can afford to pay above N150,000 as school fees if asuu take the FG suggestions?. If you don’t know anything, shut your mouths please!!!

  9. @gongdon dont worry majority of the pple here criticizing U ar jealous bcause u said aggainst their cripple,mentally illd ,morally corruptd,bastard BISHOP.who has nothing to offer except madness.

  10. it is funy that sumbody can no longer air his opinion, u said u where supposed to defend your phd who cares if u lost ur Job u think we are belief machines that would just believe anything u say i will not be surprised if u have ur share from what asuu is doing……if you cannot think Of a better way to enhance Nigerian education without strike then you are the greatest enemy of Nigeria’s educational sector…..and u are here saying you want to educate us becus u are the first phd holder that Nigeria has produced…… Keep ur education to urself gongdon

  11. pls.dnt fight urself.asuu is fighting 4nigerian university student.let me ask a question,will this present asuu member remain in schul 4ever?will they continue 2enjoy or benefit frm d schul infrastructure,lab.equipmnt,eng.wrkshop e.t.c? if no let support dem and fight it 1nce and 4all.FG.should setu ASUU so as 2knw what we are there 4.God will help us Amen.

  12. @gongdon n Wallin argungu… U guys are suffering 4rm Chronic External MADNESS! For publicly insulting d bishop! So u guys tink dat Asuu is fighting 4 students? Wat a pity!pls if u dnt knw wat to say go n soak garri n sleep.. Rubbish!! May God continue to bless u BISHOP 4 speeking d truth!

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