#ASUUstrike Update: ASUU rejects N600billion offer from FG

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ASUU has remained adamant and are maintaining that government implements the agreement they entered into with them in 2009 fully. The decision according to some quarters is political as it came during the time when government is willing and ready to keep disbursing N200 billion for the next 3 or 4 years.

More cash has been pledged for projects on the campuses aside the earned allowances due to the teachers have been increased from the initial N30 billion offer. ASUU rejected the offer totally insisting on policy implementation claiming that they don’t trust this government.

N.B Both parties should be reminded that the strike has been on for more than four months and Nigerian students are tired of being at the receiving end… Consider that and do what is right.



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  1. Dis goddamn strike is really getting out of hand, what’s d meaning of all dis? Students are really tired of home, most girls re into prostitution now All b’cos of Dis strike. D main reason why dis’s really taking longer tym is Cos most government official’s kid/children ain’t studying in nigeria or are either in private universities, d strike ain’t affecting them…

    1. Errr,grls were into prostitution before the strike bro. It’s tragic however that we have in this country,such a grossly irresponsible and clearly criminal government. When an agreement is struck by government officials, it is the epitome of bad ethics to renege on it and begin to haggle for less than was initially agreed upon intially. So,STUDENTS,back your lecturers and join in fighting a clearly irresponsible and untrustworthy government. In the long term, it will bode well for EDUCATION IN THE COUNTRY IF THE GOVT IS COMPELED TO B ACCOUNTABLE FOR AGREEMENTS IT REACHES.

  2. God this is rubbish federal government has done her own part what the hell is wrong wif this so called asuu(600billion) is it enough for them to call of the strike… We student we dey para oooooo…. Asuu Ogun na em go kill dem all… This is totally insanity… Faggie sincerely u dnt have any tender heart @ all….. I fink by now asuu shuld be scrapped… This is just getting out of hands over four months for God sake haaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. Wen 2 elephants fyt,itz d grasses day sufa.wat happend 2 passion 2 impact knowledge n service . If u had d students best interests at heart instead of ur selfishness,u wud trust ASUU enof 2giv dem d benefit of a doubt

  4. one of the principle of equity is..you approach equity with clean hands,most of this asuu members are corrupt.Am not saying they are not fighting a just cause,but how sincere are they,is it this same lecturers sleeping with female students,awarding grades.Alot have to be done not just implementing agreement,for a great tomorrow.

  5. this useless union body called asuu is really getting on my nerve… how can they be playing politics with our life.. my will surely punish them

  6. As asuu n FG has caused dis upon us four months,dey will witness sadness for 4 years dat wee bring distruction T̶̲̥̅̊ợ̇̇ dem n deir families unless dey call off strike dis week

  7. Please Asuu and federal government should please know that education is the bedrock of national development. and if this country is to ever see day light we need sound education of the youths. Please we should always have the interest of this great nation at heart. with a sound education the youths will have a positive thinking over cultism, suicide bombing, kidnapping and other social vices. Please this ill attitude over education of the youths is a threat to this great country. The youths are the Nation’s pride. Thanks.

  8. for christ sake! d fact that Asuu claimed to be fighting for our academics does not mean we should not speak out when there selfish interest is becoming the main reason for d strike.Asuu can do great thing with the little they’ve offered them,they can be an example to making us knw how to make millions from a naira.With all this nonsense it shows how inconsiderate,selfish they are.

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