Apayan: Michael Jackson’s Doctor, Conrad Murray Not Allowed To Practise Medicine Again

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Dr Conrad Murray’s dream to go back to being a doctor after being released from prison maybe just a dream, after it was reported that the Medical Board of California have no plans on giving him his license.

TMZ reports that Murray wants to practice medicine again after he’s released from jail later this month. The Medical Board started the ball rolling to revoke Murray’s license, but it’s been put on hold while he tries to get an appeals court to reverse the verdict.

Members of the Board reportedly believe Murray is unfit to practice medicine based on what he did to Michael Jackson. One source put it bluntly, “He’s not getting his license back.”

This is because of the fact that Murray was fueling MJ with Propofol for 60 days straight and allowed him to massively OD just before he died. They also think it’s unconscionable that Murray shockingly abused Propofol by using it as a sleeping aid.



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  1. NO, he should NEVER practice medicine. WHo is their right mind is going to let him be there doctor now? THis doctor broke ALL medical rules. Again, I do NOT care what MJ ask for, it is UP to a doctor to do what is ETHICALLY right by a patient and if that patient does not like it, then the doctor needs to quit being that person’s doctor. Even when the mistake was made, Murray tried to cover up what he did to MJ. If Murray really only was in the bathroom a minute and MJ was not breathing, all Murray had to do was the correct CPR and have 911 on the way and MJ would still have survived. THis idoit did NOT even do the basic regardless to the mistake.

  2. Sadly I have to say this but he doesn’t deserve his license back. The broke the basic rules and lost a life that important to the world.

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