Angelo Explains Why He Ended His Relationship With Beverly Osu

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Over the past few days, rumors have circulated on the internet that BBA love birds Angelo Collins & Beverly Osu may have ended their relationship.

37-year old Angelo, who had one of the most sexual relationships during the reality show with Beverly, explained on Facebook why he had to end the relationship.

He wrote,

I love u guys even the ones that hate…right now I need clarity…not chaos & scrutiny,I need to focus on what’s important, my youth develoment programs and my family,I don’t think I should be in a relationship right now it overshadows what I really wanna do,I hope u guys can respect me for my decision*thanks to everyone that supported me

Beverly & Angelo were seen together last at Beverly’s birthday party weeks back, where the dreaded South African came with other former housemates to celebrate in Nigeria.



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  1. Angelo is not even good for beverly.i have never ever seen a confused fellow and taste free and zero personality like the immitation bob marley angelo

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