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This may not come across as one of the message of hope and empty promises you’ll normally read on Nigeria’s independence day but I must say it is also far from being another rant about Nigeria being a “fool” at…what age is it again? 53? Yea. Pardon my confusion there, it is normal to reason twice (at least before concluding) just to be sure Nigeria as a nation has come this far on its knees while dragging towards her dreams, if there is any dream at all – and how many more years the nation has matured into foolishness since after forty. Faulting the government or blaming corrupt practices is not an element of this article but the bare reality of Nigerians; which the government is a significant part of.

The fact can’t be ignored that Nigeria is a country of collectively ignorant people; and the government’s oppressive energy thrives on that fact! The rogues in power in this country knows how to stir a media rave (to distract the masses) about issues that will only become a subject of joke even sooner than a few uninformed population of the country will get angry about it. It can’t be ignored that the present administration in government reeks of totally irrelevant policies and legislations but they understand Nigerians better. Believe me, they do. After all, we have not had an administration as interesting as GEJ’s. They know we need something to always talk about. We don’t keep quiet, we always need to make things trend on the social media. It’s important we lend our individual crafts to making jokes that will draw us followers within the social media circle. That is how we stay relevant. We’re not one to fight for anything, just give us something to laugh about. And truly, we’re always laughing. Dame Jonathan, Patrick Obahiagbon, Oga  at the Top…whenever they surface on TV are good distractions from the daily realities we face from the government. The jokes that, if at all, reaches the corridor of powers only convinces our political forces that we are in tune with their directions. So they create a route to escape for themselves from our ignorance. And when we get serious and boil with rage, it means the government have drawn us to fight the homosexuals. We kiss the the government’s ass for distracting us with irrelevant legislations. They need to be re-assured that our mentality is still the same one they’ve always toiled with, they need to know we’re a still a nation of people distracted from priorities, and the reassurance was overwhelming!

In Nigeria, you get away with anything as long as you’re floating on the political or religious supremacy. Nigerians climb on the bandwagon of religious leaders without searching for their own inner spirituality, and they lack the energy to stand against the bastardized political system of the country for them to ever demand a change! We’re either not concerned or we don’t even have an idea how to use our power as citizens to make our so-called leaders pay for their insensitivity. We took a free-fall at the verge of a revolution in January 2012. The anti-subsidy protest was an entertainment playground. Imagine how all the twitter and facebook rants against the “Child Marriage Bill” from the senate only degenerated into a mere subject of jokes (just within hours) on the social media for the young Nigerians who want to get followers and retweets on twitter once they caption a picture of an underage girl in a pose as a “potential Yerima wife.” The mentality of most Nigerians (especially the young folks) is in such a state of advanced stupidity!

Advocating for change in Nigeria has become a duty for noisemakers and clowns. The noisemakers are the intelligent ones. They open our eyes to a reality in one second, then we join the army of clowns once they march in to serve us memes to fight with! Nigerians are not called “the happiest people in the world” for nothing, this is a nation of people who have grown so numb to the reality that surrounds them. Every draconian rule by the political powers is taken as a chill pill by everyone once it is painted in humor by the army of clowns who claims to fight the government. And whenever it is a tough one to swallow, we cling to doctrines and compensate ourselves with the falsehood of religion. Nigerians leave everything to God, but only if anyone ever realised that God is not even working in Nigeria. Abi, is every Nigerian not doing “god’s work” already? Is it not the responsibility of some religious sects to kill for god? The Boko Harams and the pedophiles in power, is it not evident that humanity is being sacrificed for for the “law” and religious norms while the Nigerian society is being crippled daily. Everyone carries a religious microscope to observe another’s lifestyle and we measure out judgements to defend alien values that were battered into our senses. Yet we claim they’re our values. Thinking for ourselves is out of the option, close-mindedness should not be tampered with; instead, everything that stands in it’s way must be destroyed. And in the confusion of defending our mentality, we brag about sustaining our values and upholding sanity. Sanity? In Nigeria? Are we not mad already? Didn’t we have a “revolution” with people setting up living rooms on highways to protest against the subsidy removal? Was that sanity?

And before anyone thinks i’m angry (which I have every reasonable right to be) with the Nigerian system and mentality, I must say i’m not even a nerve close to being upset; but the urge to call an attention to the Nigerian reality can’t be silenced so I chose to paint the little I know in black and white.



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  1. it’s thought-provoking that this is the reality of Nigerians and we should start a revolution already!!!! This guy victor, I commend your insight on the Nigerian mentality keep it up

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