360Recommends: Steveland | Cleo’s Mood [Wash Up]

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Steveland, who has released other covers like Koloquin (with Timaya), The Motto (Drake Cover), The Lazy Song (with Bruno Mars), N.I.P (Watch The Throne Cover) and more is back with a fresh one titled Cleo’s Mood.

This brilliant cover was done with Jr. Walker & the All Stars’ classic Jazz Instrumental of the same title and tells a typical Nigerian Boy-Meets-Girl story… Will their Romance lead them into falling in Love…or NAH? Find out…NOW!

Steveland shows, on this track, his astute story telling abilities and will mos def keep you listening from start to finish while Jr. Walker’s Saxophone makes the experience more pleasurable. This one is for the Lovers of Jazz, Romance & Rap…and I am a lover of this wonderful trio so expect nothing but straight up Rap, no Imma Dis Or Dat bull-crap [*chuckles*].

So lay back and Enjoy the experience that’s Steveland – Cleo’s Mood…the Intro!  His mixtape, High Ocean Issues (The Processing) drops soon.

Connect: @Steveland_




Cleo’s Mood (Wash Up)



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