Kelly Hansome & the “Lost Tapes” Compilation Album

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We are sorry to announce to all Kelly Hansome fans that the MAIN Album which was scheduled to drop today will no longer be released as some of the power collaborations you and I have been expecting are presently unfinished. We, the Maga Music family however promise to release this master piece as soon as it is ready. 
This album was scheduled to be released alongside another compilation album which is a collection of some of his past works. We would also love to state clearly that none of the tracks in this compilation are intended to cause or stir up any kind of BEEF as Kelly Hansome is currently in good working terms with all his colleagues. Big S/O to World Famous Keke and D1, Primetime Africa and the Kennis Music family.”
Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you all. ‘LOST TAPES’ – now available in stores online.(Itunes, Amazon, Spotify,  ..etc)

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