360CHAT: Mayreejay’s Style Chat with Nollywood’s Most Gifted, OC Ukeje

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OC Ukeje, is indeed what you would want to call a total package. He has a great voice, great acting skills which earned him Best Male Act at this year’s AMMA awards. If there had to be a face for 2013 in the Nigerian Film industry, OC Ukeje would be it. He has starred in a number of Nollywood films – Hoodrush, Alan Poza, Two Brides and A Baby  just to name a few and notably has a role in the upcoming ‘Half Of A Yellow Sun’ He has also got the face and features to go with it.  It’s safe to say he is gradually becoming Nollywood’s leading man. I caught up with him for some style scoops and details on his upcoming projects as he heads for world domination. 

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Mayreejay: Who is OC  Ukeje?

OC Ukeje is a simple, straightforward dude who’s just trying to make magic in life. I try to be conscious, I try to be fun and I think I’m making that impression.

Mayreejay: What is your interpretation of style?

OC: I think that style is the general assortment of good looking outfits and accessories that make you feel good first, and then that fits the occasion. It may or may not be the existing trend but sometimes I don’t really care. And I think my interpretation sorta plays it safe …almost always.

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Mayreejay: What is your style must have piece/ item?

OC: I think that would be a really good wristwatch. I’m flawed in that regard, but I’m on my way up.

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Mayreejay: Your personal style has evolved over the years, do you work with a stylist? What is responsible for this awesome change?

OC: Be honest, I have worked with a stylist only once in my life. And she was family so she hooked me up. I often look through magazines and online photos for impressive get-ups – and I see the things I like or can replicate. Fortunately, as the profile has expanded, the wardrobe has too and the need to be impressive is also in demand. Some people still think I’m a shitty dresser though, but we’re on our way up.

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Mayreejay: You were featured in Chinamanda Adichie’s Half of a Yellow Sun movie. Can you please tell us how you got the role you played?

OC: So, I had been digging to find who was producing the adaptation when I first heard about it 2 years before the actual project started – they were all dead-ends. Then, I got a mail much later asking me to come for a read. I didn’t even know what it was for until I saw the audition sides and I was like…YES! So I auditioned twice for two different characters and eventually,  I was offered a small part. I weighed my options and took the job!

Mayreejay: What fashion and style blunders have you committed?

OC: Uhm…I once wore all-white ensemble with a grey jacket to finish off, and in front of my mirror, it looked good. But in the photos, hideous! I’ve worn some fitted pants that were ‘too fit’ for the crutch area! Talk about showing the outline of your package! Uhm… I don’t remember any other one right now. Maybe the readers do.

Mayreejay: Kindly give us some scoops of any up coming projects in the works.

OC: So, ‘Alan Poza’ opens in Nigerian cinemas on the 11th of October 2013. ‘Gone Too Far’ premières at the London Film Festival on the 18th of October.  ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ screens at the London Film Festival on the 20th of October. Other projects with pending dates are ‘Heaven’s Hell’, ‘The Secret Room ‘and ‘I Think He Loves Me’. And I’m prepping to shoot a film in SA.

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