Why every woman needs an inner bitch

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Our mothers taught us right from an early age to be ladies and act properly, same thing their mothers taught them and same thing we would teach our daughters.

However,  as much as it is good to act like a lady and ditch the bitch-y side of us, we shouldn’t let the bitch in us go too far away.

By the way, every woman’s got an inner bitch somewhere inside of her, all she has to do is activate it when needed.

Women are naturally treated less fairly in society by men but what’s worse is that sometimes, a woman can get worse treatment from another woman! Crazy don’t you think? Thank heavens for the inner protector that saves the day! Here’s when you’re allowed to activate the bitchy part of you.

1. When you are being treated like a second class citizen-  ever heard people take major decisions past you simply because you’re female? This happens in a lot of extended family meetings in Africa, you’re not expected to make a bright decision and forget that you are schooled and the most enlightened, the fact that you’re not male makes you second to the men. Dear sister, you are very much allowed to turn on the bitch inside of you and take charge. Don’t sit there, acting like a lady when you’re being discriminated, take charge!

2. When your in laws are refusing to back off- nobody is asking you to be rude of your in laws, but when your mother in law won’t stop taking major decisions in your home like its an extension of hers, then maybe it is time to stand your ground. Call her, politely and sweetly tell her you appreciate the love and care but you’d rather she allows you man your boat. Stand your ground and rightfully demand what’s yours!

3. At work- men naturally become extra defensive when they have a female boss. Some men would even go as far as saying that they can’t respect a female boss because they won’t accord that much respect to their wives at home. Good for them. However, this is the office and you are the boss. Now its either they abide strictly by the office rules and accord you all the respect you command as a boss, or they clear their desks, go home and be the boss there. Simple and very clear.

4. Egomaniacs- the ones who carry their ego to the road and yell chauvinistic words at you while you drive? You are allowed to roll down your glass, size them up and insult them for the lack of home training(just once). Just do it once, its okay.  Its fine.



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  1. Being confident and standing your grounds has nothing to do with the word bitch. Bitch is an offensive word. Who edited this write up…smh

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