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I know my black is beautiful and so is yours, it honestly hurts me inside when I see my beautiful African sisters (and brothers) bleaching. If only they could see the beauty God, I and the rest of the world sees that they might not see in themselves that would cause them to feel the need to bleach.

I know this a touchy issue for some, but I could no longer be silent about it. Bleaching. What is bleaching? Bleaching of the skin is using chemical substances to lighten or even out one’s skin complexion. Are you with me so far? Great! First let me just say I didn’t write this article to judge or condemn those that bleach. Everyone has their reasons why they do, what they do.  I RESPECT THAT!

My concern is for those that bleach without any education or information on the matter. You believe “Light is Right” or “People will pay more attention to you if you have fair skin” or “You feel you will look more attractive with lighter skin” but don’t know what effects it will have or what you are doing to your skin/body.  That’s a problem!

Let me ask you a question, have you ever heard the phrase “Black don’t crack”? (YOUR ANSWER) Well it’s because we as blacks our skin renews itself more faster than any other race, our skin can quickly produces new skin cells, this is called regeneration. Regeneration allows our skin to stay soft, smooth, and young longer. By bleaching what you are doing is striping the melanin which is meant to protect the skin from harmful sun (ultraviolet) rays and other things.

Chemicals such as Hydroquinone and Mercury are lightening agents, found in most bleaching creams and soaps. Mercury is toxic and can cause one to have grayish-blueish discolouration on their body when exposed. (When I typed in “negative effects of bleaching skin” on Google some of the pictures I saw were horrid and disturbing) Long term use of products containing Hydroquinone or Mercury can cause skin cancer, liver damage, discolouration of the skin and other serious conditions.

Instead of using harsh chemicals to lighten your skin, try these Natural Lightening methods, it can give you a nice HEALTHY glow and naturally brighten/lighten your skin.

  1. Try Lemon and Honey Mask, cut a lemon in half, squeeze the juice, and add a teaspoon of honey. Apply on face for 20 minutes and rinse off with cold water (can be also applied on the lips as well to lighten them)
  2. Apple cider vinegar is a natural toner with frequent use can help clear acne and fade dark spots caused by acne scars. Use a cotton ball, dab a little of the ACV on the cotton ball and apply to face or area affected, can be done Morning and Night.

These natural remedies aren’t as strong as bleaching cosmetics, but they don’t have negative effects on your body, these items are inexpensive and are easy to get.

Remember: God doesn’t make mistake. If you like someone that likes lighter skin people; it’s their loss, not yours, if you watch music videos and see only light skin people, Don’t mind them! And if your friends are bleaching or fair, shine you are unique! Embrace your skin, don’t change it. Love the complexion you were born with. Really sit there and ask yourself “Why do I bleach?” Once you have your answer then ask yourself “Is my answer/bleaching worth me hurting my body?” I will leave it at that, I hope my blog was helpful and informative, if you have any questions or comments please leave in the comment box.

Ifunanya's Piece Of Mind

Ifunanya's Piece Of Mind

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  1. Bleaching is stupid and a sign of low inferiority complex. It’s of scums who don’t see things African as beautiful. I hold these kind of people in th loest esteem. I’ll never touch someone who loves bleaching – mot even with a fishing pole. I’m proudly black, proudly African .

  2. Well said. Pls is there any solution, say cream dat can clear up a scar of 5yrs caused by d silver panel of a bike? A frnd is in need, cus she stopd wearing skirt since it happened. Thanks

    1. Hello Treasure,

      Not a lot of people know this about me but I have three big scars on my leg from an accident I had in Nigeria, all I wore were long pants after the incident, i was embarrassed and ashamed of my leg because of the scars. My only advice that I can give your friend is to use Bio Oil, it really works and to not be ashamed like I once was. Don’t let the scar dictate her life to the point where she doesn’t wear certain clothes because I too was once like her. Embrace the fact that the scar is there and move on, the scar doesn’t make her the person she is today, She makes the person, she is..

  3. Hydroquinone is contained in a whole lot of creams, some in really small quantities that just brighten ur complexion not bleach, are they harmful too?

    1. hey Jasmine,
      Great question! creams with small amounts of Hydroquinone aren’t as harmful to the skin/body, when I mentioned Hydroquinone and Mercury I was talking in large quantities of it, too much of it, is bad especially with long term use. If you have cosmetics with Hydroquinone check to see how much of the chemical is actually in the product.

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