When Plan A Fails: 9ice Returns To School To Study Law

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In a recent interview with the daily Tribune, indigenous singer 9ice revealed that he was going back to University to pursue his dream of becoming a lawyer.

The singer’s career had been downhill following the huge success of his first album, Gongo Aso.

9ice told the paper that he is presently a student of Capella University, Minnesota, USA, studying Public Safety and Common Law. He however stated that he is running the school’s online programme.

According to him, “I am already in school studying Public Safety and Common Law at Capella University. It is an online programme. I can’t think of any other course except Law.”

The singer reportedly left the Lagos State University (LASU) in 2006, where he was then studying Law. It was at that time he gained fame with hit his hit song, ‘Ganja’ and later with ‘Gongo Aso’.



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  1. Stupid write up,, stupid blog! because someone decides to further his education means his career is failing? His quest to grow his knowledge should be seen as something bad? We should encourage them not try to put up a controversial write up in order to drive traffic to your site. FOOLS. What about Naeto C bagging a Masters degree?

    1. Thank you.I was wondering if the person who posted the story was sensible.So because he decided to go to school it means that his career is failing.This is bad journalism of the highest order.Wish 9ice could even sue the senseless guy that posted this shit.

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