Video: Beyonce Knowles Pulled Off the Stage by Fan during Concert in Brazil

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And we thought Lady Gaga Justin Bieber fans were crazy, seems Beyonce‘s overzealous fans need the Yaba left treatment the most.

One would think that after hair-grabbing and ass-slapping incidents earlier in the year, Beyonce‘s fans would learn how to stop being hysterical and be content with the life-size dolls of Beyonce they have at home.

Superstar Beyoncé Knowles brought “The Mrs. Carter Show” to Brazil during Rock in Rio 2013 over the weekend and she performed at the Morumbi Stadium in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Sunday night to a full-capacity crowd. During her performance of “Irreplaceable” on a small stage next to the crowd, she decided to give one of her fans a chance to sing – a shirtless man who in turn grabbed the diva and pulled her off the stage.


Her security quickly came to her rescue, and you guessed it – she kept on singing like nothing ever happened and even gave the overly-excited fan a handshake.

Bey came to the fan’s aide as he was about to be booted out and told her crew to relax and let the kid stay.

“He just got excited. It’s all right,” said the kind-hearted singer, while reaching out to shake his hand.

She asked for his name and told him “I love you too” before continuing with the show.

The viral video shows Beyonce getting pulled off the stage as security guards rush to her rescue.

 Also below is the video from her Friday’s 90-minute set where she performed MC Federado’s popular Brazilian dance “Ah Lelek Lek Lek.” “I want to do something special for ya’ll,” she said to the fans before busting out some funky moves with dance duo Les Twins.



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