Udeme Things: Man’s taps flow with beer

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A group of guys pranked their friend by rigging all the taps in his house to pour beer instead of water.
The lads turned up their pal’s house in Auckland, New Zealand with their local brewery Tui and got to work on the practical joke as well as installing 14 hidden cameras to capture his reaction.The video of the stunt sees the man and a woman, who is thought to be his partner, return to their abode and head to the kitchen. She turns on the tap and screams “what the hell” in surprise at seeing alcohol emerging instead of water.After realising all the taps in the property are rigged Russ sets about finding out what is wrong and he discovers the prank.

A spokesman on behalf of the brewer told ninemsn: “It was an idea that was put up by Tui and they knew friends of friends of people that worked at Tui.

“They’re all legit mates and they are constantly playing pranks on each other so it was a match made in heaven.”



The 6 o"clock man.


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