True Love: Lamar Odom Planning Huge Anniversary Gift For Khloe Kardashian

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Lamar Odom is reportedly planning to show Khloe how much she means to him and wants to spend $100,000 on an anniversary present for the Kardashian.

The couple are marking four years as a married couple today, but it may not be a happy celebration. Lamar is rumoured to be battling an addiction to crack cocaine or prescription medication at the moment and the pair are thought to be estranged.

The basketball star is alleged to have spent much of his recent time holed up in a Palm Springs property on a crack binge with two women. On Wednesday night he returned to Los Angeles and is said to be planning a huge surprise for his wife.

“Sources connected to Lamar tell us… he wants to surprise Khloé with something big today – for their anniversary – that will blow her away. We’re told he plans to spend ‘well over $100,000’ on a present,” reports TMZ.

It is widely reported that Khloé asked Lamar to leave their home after his alleged drug problem became too severe. She is said to have told him he cannot return to their mansion unless he checks into rehab and so far he has only managed a reported 24 hours in treatment.

Although the 33-year-old sportsman is planning a grand gesture, it’s thought his 29-year-old wife might not be that impressed.

Lamar apparently wants to treat his spouse to a romantic day in Santa Barbara, where he hopes they will spend the night. However, she is still adamant he needs rehab and insiders claim it is unlikely she will agree to see him.

The reality TV star desperately wants to make her marriage work it’s been claimed, although she is growing increasingly concerned the relationship is unsalvageable.

“I’m just hoping for a miracle,” she is said to be telling friends.

In a further sign Khloé is rethinking her marriage, the star has changed her handle on Twitter. While she used to be known as Khloé Kardashian-Odom on the social networking site, she has now dropped her husband’s name. Earlier this week, she made the same move on photo-sharing website Instagram.



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  1. a tip 4 u lamar, the only anniversary gifts khloe needs 4rm u is 4 u 2 clean up ur acts so u can go back home…u don’t need 2 spend that much…

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