True Action Hero: Jason Statham Escapes Death On The Expendables 3 Set

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Jason Statham has been dubbed ‘bad a**’ by his co-star – Terry Crews after Statham survived a near-death experience when a stunt on the Bulgarian set of The Expendables 3 went horrendously wrong.

During an interview with US Talk Show Host Jay Leno, Crews recounted Statham’s near-death experience while the Expendables 3 cast were shooting a scene on the edge of Bulgaria’s Black sea.

‘We were doing a stunt and Jason Statham was driving the truck and we were supposed to be on the back of this truck and for some reason we were talking, sipping smoothies and he gets in the truck… on the edge of the Black Sea. He, literally, was supposed to stop the truck. Well, the truck doesn’t stop. The truck rolls over the dock, into the Black Sea with Jason Statham driving!’

Crews recalled

‘Now, this is the thing… in your mind, you have an action film where you’re like “if that happens I’m gonna grab the truck, I’m gonna do all this stuff”. (But in real life) I’m like (screaming), “Jason! Jason!”

‘I’m in a heap on the ground. He’s in the water, in the truck. Now everybody’s freaking out.’

‘Everybody’s screaming’, ‘I’m (crying). Then, literally, he (Statham) gets out, swims to the top and the truck is gone. And we’re supposed to be on the back of that thing, I was supposed to be on that. He (Statham) gets back, they dry his clothes, and… they’re just like, “We’re going to shoot it again, we’re going to shoot some more.”

‘I’m like, “What?”’

Crews dubbed his co-star a ‘bad a**’ for surviving his brush with death and said it was a close call for him too – as he was supposed to be riding on the back of the truck for the scene. ‘Let me tell you something.  Jason Statham… he is a true bad, bad, bad a**. That’s my boy! I couldn’t believe it!’

The Expendables 3 is out next year and also stars Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, Antonio Banderas and Wesley Snipes

Watch the complete Crews’ interview with Jay Leno below.



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