Top Six Kissing Turn Offs for Men

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I know men well enough to know that when most of them are physically attracted to a woman, they don’t mind getting down with her.

However, forget how turned on a woman can get a man, when the signs listed below are exhibited or present during the kissing stage, the man is likely to get turned off and never want to go further.

1. Bad breath- even if your lips are sexier than Angelina Jolie’s and you can give Mila Kunis a run for her money with your body, once your breath is bad, you’ve lost the man. He’ll never want to see your face again, talk less of touch you with a long pole.

2. Open Sore- if you have a wound around your mouth or inside, get it treated. While you are at it, stay off kissing. Its healthy foryou and whoever you might be kissing. And its very disgusting to kiss anybody with an open sore in your mouth.

3. Smoker’s breath- we aren’t in the seventeenth century so I’m sure it won’t come as a surprise that women smoke. Some women however have breath that reek of smoke. Nobody cares if you’re aiming to be a Rihanna or Tonto Dike, itsnot cool to carry that repulsive breath around time. And trying to kiss a man with that? You’d be lucky if he doesn’t throw up in your mouth.

4. Bad teeth- your dentition isn’t your fault, but having it checked regularly is. Men don’t like to kiss women with bad teeth. And if you know your teeth is in need of serious care, how about you open your mouth to a dentist first and not a gentleman?

5. Chewing gum- except you work on allen avenue/Lagos Island where you resume work very late at night with skimpy clothes and with catch phrases like “how mush you wan pay?” You shouldn’t be kissing a man with a gum in your mouth.

6. Dental braces- I think the braces should go off when the kiss is about to happen. Don’t you?



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