Time Travel: What I’d do if I could travel back in time

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So it was a very wet weekend in Lagos. And since the weather chose to be such a last-day-of-the-weekend spoiler, I stayed home after church and activated efiko mode. Finally, visited and read all the online articles I had lined up. PHCN seemed to have found Christ, there was light all through the heavy downpour. Ah-May-Zing!


Most times when I’m reading, I get lost, far away from the pages in front of me to an unknown place either in my past or future or…I really don’t know. It’s as though I was teleported without my consent. Then, I have to drag myself back to reality. It has made me fascinated about the idea of travelling back in time. The only interesting thing I’d like to do is give my younger self some advice.

Like, knowing all I’m privileged to know now, thanks to my life experiences and God’s Word…if I could travel back in time, what would I tell my younger self?

*People – People are usually flawed and complicated. Regardless of how they treat you, love them anyway. There’s so much you won’t do to another human out of a heart of love. Do not extend this love to food. DON’T GET FAT!

*Think – Be quick to listen, slower to speak. Think thoroughly before you drop those words or act…of the direct and indirect consequences.

*Time: Time is the SI unit for measuring life. Your time equals your life. Guard it jealously. Be mindful who you spend it with. Invest it wisely and watch how the quality of your life turns out.

*Expectation – Expectations hurt. No man owes you anything. Only God promises a lot and you can count on him to use man or anything else he chooses. Know this and have peace.

*Compromise – After it’s been tried and tested, stand firm in what you believe. Don’t be tossed around easily. And your faith, that is not even negotiable.

*Teachable: Don’t mind that Olamide has made the word ‘learner’ seem like a bad thing. Stay teachable. Just don’t outsource your ability to reason out a matter. Learn, think it through for yourself, then form your opinion.

*Taking offense – Why would people’s words hurt you? You either humbly pick the lesson in it or spot the obvious ignorance in the statement and walk away smiling.

Someone says to you – “Are you mad?”
Your attitude – “Duh! Nope”
Someone says to you – “You are mad.”
Your attitude – “LOL.”

*Attitude is everything. Don’t take things personal. If someone says to you something that mean either an insult or a compliment, instead of bothering to be sure, pick the positive meaning and move on. Stay optimistic at all times. You don’t have to see the entire stretch of the 10km journey you’re on at once. You might only see 200m at a time…that’s good enough. Keep moving.

*Past – Leave that where it belongs. Behind you. Not to be a torment to you, but maybe a challenge to outdo your previous record. No body else is competition for you but your former self.

*Forgiveness – If you don’t take offence and have unrealistic expectations like I advised, forgiveness would not be an issue. But in the unlikely event that you find yourself battling with un forgiveness, refer to People above. Love keeps no record of wrong.

This is not like a regret statement (if there’s anything like that)..Nah! Some may even sound cliché. Yes, I got to know them eventually but would have been nice to be aware of them earlier in my life.

I guess that’s why God gave us an opportunity to reproduce. You learn some things so the Mini-You can get it right the first time.

If you could travel back in time, what would you tell your younger self? Or if what else would you like to go back for? Please share in your comments.

Enjoy the rest of your week.




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  1. There alota things I would do differently if I could travel back in time.but a better thought is what I would like to change if I had a magical wand

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