Things to do before you die: Wait in an iPhone line + Video {Hilarious} + Photos

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The iPhone just sold a  record-breaking 9 million new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C models in just three days after the launch on September 20th. Orders are already being moved to next month as demand has already outstripped available supply!
But one thing that was indicative of this for a long time was the lines, the huge lines outside every apple store wherever media seemed to go with people waiting over 15 days in orders to get one first! This included professional line- Sitters who sit in the line for you and you pay them, Sleeping in sealed garbage bags (gasp!) and getting portable beds to sleep!!!  Here is a video journal by a person who actually braved the line for the phone- In Champagne Gold of course!! watch below




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Video Credit:  Casey Neistat, Gizchai



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  1. I’m surprised nobody has come up with an explanation linking apple to illuminati. This craze is too much. I would be part of it if I had the money to spare

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