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It was the morning after the honeymoon, wedding and all other marriage festivities had been concluded and we were spending our first night in OUR home.

Waking up was a lot different now. And it’s not because I didn’t have to be awaken at 4:45am by the jingling sound of the small metal disks each time my mother’s tambourine hit her palm – partly a signal to us, her children she had started her morning devotion – majorly as a musical instrument as she sang songs of worship to God.

Here’s what was different. I was in a NEW home.

Scratch that…

I’m in MY new home. I’m now the ‘MUMMY’ of a home. Considering the number of food items my mum made us stay away from all in the guise of  “that’s for the adults.”

Chicken thighs was for mummy and daddy, chicken gizzard was for the elders, even coconut water was for the wise ones. Choi!

On our family hierarchy, being the last of 5 kids, you can imagine the chicken part that was apportioned to this African last born for many of my childhood years.


Yup! That’s it right there. Chicken feet!

But I digress.

But now, this African baby has her OWN kitchen. The mummy who calls the bids on who gets which part of the chicken including the thigh. The second new thing, waking up to a hunk by my side. And like someone regaining consciousness from a trance, it suddenly hit me.

You’re married (full-time) now, duh!

I can’t explain how or why but as I watched Mr Husband who was still asleep beside me as he snoozed, looking so peaceful, I instantly knew that this (watching him sleep) would be one of my hobbies.

Smiling down at him, I looked on for a while then almost instinctively, I lowered my face over his, giving him dozens of light pecks all around – his cheeks, nose, eyelids..Whoosh! The feeling was beautiful.

Because I was now in a new city, as I had to relocate with Mr Husband to my new home, there’s no office to hurry to in the mornings yet. My body just wanted to stay in bed and I wanted to take my time with any other thing I had planned for the day.

Mr Husband stirred in bed for the umpteenth time, then slowly rose up from the bed to go and start the morning rituals. Brush his teeth, have a bath and dress up for work. All the while I stayed in bed and chatted him up from my comfort zone.

He started to walk towards the living room. Once he was in, he turned left in the direction of the dining table, then it hit me!



Before our wedding, all I had to do after getting out of bed in the mornings was brush my teeth, have a cup of green tea, do my 30mins workout and I was good to go for the day.

How did I not think of it? How did I not remember that I’m now responsible for someone? That I would need to learn to care about someone else besides myself? It had not occurred to me to make breakfast!

I looked up at the wall clock and with what I saw there, I raced to the kitchen with the speed of a cheetah.


I still wonder where the speed came from but I managed to fix a quick breakfast pack, just in time to avoid Mr Husband being late for work.


We said our ‘Byes’ and ‘kisses’ as I walked him to the car and watched him drive out of the compound and out of my sight.

“It’s not just about you anymore Missus” was what the tiny voice in my head said.

Even though I made a resolve right there to plan our meals for the day the night before, I knew this would take a lot of getting used to.

..but still, I love being a wife


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