Sony shows off Play Station 4’s upcoming PlayStation app for Android

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Japan’s Tokyo Game Show video game expo is off in full effect with Sony pulling off some few tricks for Android devices. As most of you know, Sony has 2 big devices on the forefront: the Sony PlayStation 4 and the Sony Xperia Z1. To help lure gamers into their ecosystem, Sony is looking to offer enhanced connectivity between the 2 devices via their upcoming PlayStation app for Android and iOS devices.


Sony President Andrew House took the stage with Division President Masayasu Ito to demo the new app, showcasing the connectivity between the PlayStation 4 and mobile devices. Much like Microsoft’s Xbox SmartGlass app, the PlayStation app provides gamers with access to the usual information from their PSN accounts where they can view trophies, chat with other players, or accept invites to multiplayer game sessions. Twitter and Facebook integration will come included, and mobile users can even connect the PlayStation app to the PS4, using their smartphone or tablets as a controller.


The real draw  will be the 2nd screen functionality the PlayStation app will enable for compatible titles, offering a sort of Wii U-like experience for Sony gamers. Whether or not developers will be chomping at the bit to include these new features into their titles remains to be seen. The PlayStation is gearing up for a November 15th release, where Sony says they expect to sell upwards of 5 million consoles by March of next year.

If you’d like to take a look at the entire Sony’s presentation from Tokyo Game Show in its entirety, you can watch the full 51 minute keynote here.





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