Six types of guys that won’t commit

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It is not a new thing for women to look for the type of men that won’t find it a herculean task to stay committed, however it seems to be getting harder these days to bag men like that. And what’s more is that it seems we won’t stop meeting these men.

Here are a few ways to spot men like this, so you can keep them very far away and never get involved with them. If you are looking for a committed relationship that is.

-the one who is in love with himself: if he talks about himself and his lifetime goals alone, dedicates time to work on his image and build himself superficially then he’s not going to have time to commit to you. Reason being that he can’t be committed to two people, he’s already committed to himself.

-Financially unstable: nobody is saying just look out for the rich guy but if this guy isn’t exactly sure where he wants his career to be in five years or how to get a good job(if he doesn’t have one) then there’s no point trying to decide if he’ll commit.

-He’s broke: he might not be like the guy listed above, he’s hardworking, dedicated and resilient but he isn’t where he wants to be yet. This won’t make him commit to you. Men love to take care of their women, they don’t want to sit back every time and watch you pick the bills and buy the stuff every time. So if he’s broke and he feels like he’s not where he should be yet, he won’t be ready to commit.

-Childish man: men never truly grow up. Women do more of growing up, argue it all you want but it is the truth. However some men are just ridiculously childish. They act like toddlers when they should be grown up. They only grow older they don’t grow up. If he’s like this, then forget getting committed with him

-Always horny: if he’s always wanting to get down and always talking about your body half of the time and if he uses the remaining half to discuss the next sex position y’all should try out, hey hey hey, watch it babes. Watch it.

-he’s a workaholic: a man who’s hundred percent dedicated to his job and sees no reason to settle down yet can’t commit to you. Forget the fact that he should be fulfilled and be looking to finding a Mrs If he acts committed now, he’s going to get tired and stop being committed later.




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