Seven ways to love water more

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Water helps our bodies in a million ways and we already know that. However, what seems to be the problem is that we find it difficult to drink the quantity of water required to work effectively in our body systems daily.

This article would help you love water and make it your fave drink.

-Give it a taste. Health science in primary school taught us that hygenic water is tasteless and odourless. True(even though carbonated water is pretty much hygenic and its got a taste). However, this mentality has kept us from finding out ways to make drinking water “less boring”. You can squeeze a little orange or lime in your drinking water to give it a little taste. Both orange and lime are good for your system anyway, so it’ll be helping you both ways.

-Add more pepper to your diet. You might not drink much when you eat, but when there’s pepper, you tend to gulp more water than you normally would. Incorporate more pepper into your food, it is good for metabolism anyway.

-set an alarm on your phone. Yes, for water. So when it rings you know its time to get something to drink.

-Carry a water bottle. Or buy bottled water and place it on your desk. So you don’t have to worry your head about where to get water while busy.

-Its economical so you should really try it. If you eat out, you’ll most likely pay more for a drink that you would for water. See! It is even more economical, reason you should drink it more often.

-Eat your water. Eat more foods like cucumber, watermelons, oranges and vegetables. Those carry a large percentage of water and is allowed during that period you don’t feel like gulping glasses of water.

-it helps you lose weight and keeps constipation at bay. It works wonders don’t you think? Reason you should drink it more often.



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