Senate Agrees Law To Tap Phone Calls & E-Mails Of Nigerians

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A bill to allow the government monitor the phone and internet conversations of Nigerians has reportedly been given a 2nd reading by the Senate on Wednesday.

Telegraph reports that the law will allow government law enforcement agents filter and tap into communications and will also outlaw unauthorised interception of internet and phone communications.

The proposal, titled ‘A Bill for An Act to Provide for the Interception, Development And Protection of Communications Networks and Facilities For Public Interest And Other Related Matters, 2013’, passed a second reading on Wednesday.

After the passage on Wednesday, the bill will be considered by committees on Communications, Judiciary and National Security which will hold public hearings on the merits and demerits of the bill. It will then be given a third reading before similar approval by the House of Representatives and the president’s assent to make it a law.

The Senate said the move was aimed at tackling terrorism.

“The bill intends to provide for certain instances where lawful interception of communications data by law enforcement agencies shall be allowed while at the same time ensuring that privacy and communications of citizens is maintained,” sponsor of the bill, Isa Galaudu, from Kebbi north, said on Wednesday.



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