Ronaldinho Spends N9.3million On Surgery To Correct His Dentition [PHOTOS/VIDEO]

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Legendary Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho said goodbye to his trademark buck-toothed smile sometime last month, as he underwent surgery to correct his dentition.

The 33-year-old, who currently plies his Samba skills for Atletico Mineiro, can be seen having his teeth corrected at an orthodontic clinic in Brazil.

It was reported last month that the World Cup winner had undergone surgery on his teeth, but video and pictures of the procedure have been published today.

If the glamorous presenter is to be believed the procedure will set the party-loving Brazilian back to the tune of around £36,000 – a small fortune but a sum which one of the world’s previously highest earning players can no doubt afford.

There are rumours that Ronaldinho once had a clause written into his contract that prevented him from altering his ‘asymmetrical’ smile, although what he could endorse by flashing more gum than teeth isn’t immediately obvious.

The treatment certainly makes a difference, especially when presented with the classic before and after photographs – which is akin to watching the transformation from a scurvy ridden sailor to a smile that wouldn’t look out of place in Hollywood.

Not so surprsingly, the timing of the procedure coincided with an interview for Brazilian Playboy where the former Barcelona superstar announced he has a new girlfriend and was not averse to sex before games.

“During my time at Barcelona I often practiced sex before games and it was not just not a problem but a benefit, as it made my happier before I played on the field.

I’m now in love. I have girlfriend and I now have a much quieter life. In the past I was often unfaithful, but I have no intention of making the same mistake now. My first time I had sex was at age 13 with a neighbor, we were friends, and it was beautiful for both.”

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