Ridiculous ways people would react to your engagement & How to put them in their place

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Ever been in that situation where your friend questions your decision to marry the man you want to marry or date the man you just recently began dating? Maybe not many of us have witnessed the former because we aren’t married yet but a good number of people have witnessed the latter.

Some friends would tell you it is because they are looking out for you but deep down it is because they are so bitter, they aren’t really happy for anyone who wants to marry the one they love.

Are you preggers? So you tell your friend your man just recently popped the question and part of her first reaction is to ask if you’re pregnant. She wants to know if your man has popped the question because you suddenly become pregnant not because he is ready to settle with you.

What your answer should be: even if I were, X is the man I certainly want to spend the rest of my life with, so that little commitment wouldn’t be changing anything. We want to be together regardless of anything anyway.

Say this with a smile.  Not too deep smile to make them believe they’ve asked the right question, but a smile shallow enough to let them realise that’s the last stupid question you’d be taking from them.

Does his surname match your first name? Unfortunately, as much as this sound ludicrous, some women think people shouldn’t marry because of the most shallow reason.

What your answer should be: his lifestyle, faith, principles and more importantly heart matches mine. And that’s rich coming from you who dated a man simply because he’s a lawyer(or mention any other shallow reason they’ve dated anybody in the past).

Is the ring expensive? Trying to deduce the seriousness of your man’s proposal by weighing in on the price of your ring. Ridiculous don’t you think?

What you should say: it is enough for me. It is about his proposal not the bling. And you should back off.

Do you even know how hard marriage is?  They haven’t been successful with relationships in the past and rather than work out their stuff and focus on living a happier life, they dry to dissuade everyone who falls in love. They are either from broken homes or have had their lives broken too many times.

What your answer shoud be: Marriage is all about making each other happy. Our focus is to live a happy life and work out our personal issues while at it. So thank you, but my marriage won’t be hard.



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  1. U need critics and skeptics around you. So when your decision is finalized, u stand by it no matter what. U will only bend if aren’t confident in the first place

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