Pusha T – “Lil Wayne Has Lost It… Dedication 5 Was Trash”

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The beef between Pusha T and Cash Money seems to still be kicking strong, with Pusha T firing the latest shots, and calling Weezy’s latest project, Dedication 5 “trash”.

HotNewHipHop reports that right around the time Lil Wayne’s Dedication 5 dropped, Pusha T tweeted out a message that seemed to be directed at Wayne. “I think it’s safe to say, you really lost it…” read the Tweet, and was apparently clear enough for Young Money rapper Jae Millz to respond. In an interview with DJ Envy, Pusha finally clarified what the tweet meant, as well as touching on his work with Kanye West, and the possibility of a new Clipse album.

On his ongoing beef with Weezy, Pusha admitted that he does it for kicks. “I’m really just having fun with it,” he said, adding, “he’s sorta rapping bad, so that doesn’t help”.

Pusha was very open about the fact that his tweet was in fact a shot at the rapper. “It was trash,” he said of Dedication 5, but did admit that Wayne was once hungry. “Carter 2 Wayne is like mean,” he said, though argued that Wayne had now “lost it”. “To be fair I would wanna blame it on drugs or lack thereof” he said. “I don’t want to feel like people just fall from grace like that, but… Trash”.

On his lack of response to Jae Millz, Push answered in one word. “Why?”

The Virginia emcee then shared some of his experiences working with Kanye for his new album. “We were recording My Name Is My Name at the same time as Yeezus in Paris,” he revealed.

Pusha spoke of the anti-mainstream philosophy present in the studio sessions. “You couldn’t say the word single, or radio, or radio record within the studio during this time.” he revealed. “[Kanye] loves Hell Hath No Fury Pusha, he don’t want me to conform to anything at all… as far as the music, it’s only street music from me and him.”

As far as a Clipse reunion is concerned, Pusha is still confident that it will happen. “We talk about it all the time,” he said, arguing that No Malice’s new religous approach won’t hurt the dynamic. [You Have] polar opposites, Dre and Big Boi, put together classic material. I know I could put together classic material with my brother.”



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  2. Yeah I go with pusha here….even tunechi would say the same, lil wayne should learn how to start telling stories if he ever want to stand a chance of a come back, rap has evolved from the punchlines and just rhymes saying, bring something different tunechi, and Drake should start rapping, he has gotten the female fans he wanted from singing

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