LAGOS PARTY PEOPLE: Piccolo Mondo Has A New Exquisite Belvedere VIP Lounge (Launch Photos)

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A call out to all Lagos party people  – Piccolo Mondo has a new VIP lounge you’ll totally love.

Super premium vodka Belvedere sponsored the official opening of newly refurbished Italian Restaurant and Club, Piccolo Mondo in Victoria Island on the 14th of September 2013.

The upscale restaurant and club known for its international standard recently acquired an enchanting new look featuring exquisite décor setting resembling an A-list club and an exclusive VIP Belvedere Lounge.

The Belvedere Lounge specially designed to suit the refined nature of the premium brand features plush white sofas, translucent lounge tables, illuminating bar set, stunning chandeliers and Belvedere embossed walls and cushions.

With clinking glasses of Belvedere cocktails and amazing selection of music by DJ Adj & DJ Nenim, notably known for their exceptional skills, the party is unarguably one of the industry’s best.

Enjoy pictures from the launch below.

Piccolo Mondo Pictures-IMG_0722-360nobs

Piccolo Mondo Pictures-IMG_0715-360nobs

Piccolo Mondo Pictures-IMG_0643-360nobs

Piccolo Mondo Pictures-Exclusive Belvedere VIP Lounge-360nobs

Piccolo Mondo Pictures-Entrance into the Belvedere VIP Lounge-360nobs

Piccolo Mondo Pictures-Belvedere VIP Lounge in Piccolo Mondo-360nobs

Piccolo Mondo Pictures-Belvedere Embossed Wall-360nobs

Piccolo Mondo Pictures-Belvedere Bar-360nobs

Piccolo Mondo Pictures-Overview of Belevedere VIP Lounge-360nobs

Piccolo Mondo Pictures-The Newly Opened Belvedere VIP Lounge-360nobs

Piccolo Mondo Pictures-_MG_4290-360nobs Piccolo Mondo Pictures-_MG_4307-360nobs Piccolo Mondo Pictures-_MG_4313-360nobs Piccolo Mondo Pictures-_MG_4314-360nobs Piccolo Mondo Pictures-_MG_4335-360nobs Piccolo Mondo Pictures-_MG_4339-360nobs Piccolo Mondo Pictures-_MG_4351-360nobs Piccolo Mondo Pictures-_MG_4354-360nobs Piccolo Mondo Pictures-_MG_4358-360nobs Piccolo Mondo Pictures-_MG_4366-360nobs Piccolo Mondo Pictures-Ann Ogunsulire, Brand Manager, Moet Hennessy-360nobs Piccolo Mondo Pictures-Barbara Arisekola-360nobs Piccolo Mondo Pictures-IMG_0744-360nobs Piccolo Mondo Pictures-IMG_0745-360nobs Piccolo Mondo Pictures-IMG_0746-360nobs Piccolo Mondo Pictures-IMG_0782-360nobs Piccolo Mondo Pictures-IMG_0795-360nobs Piccolo Mondo Pictures-IMG_0800-360nobs Piccolo Mondo Pictures-IMG_0813-360nobs Piccolo Mondo Pictures-IMG_0832-360nobs Piccolo Mondo Pictures-IMG_0844-360nobs Piccolo Mondo Pictures-IMG_0852-360nobs Piccolo Mondo Pictures-IMG_0866-360nobs Piccolo Mondo Pictures-IMG_1035-360nobs Piccolo Mondo Pictures-Zandile Blay {Middle} and Friends-360nobs



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