Ozone Cinemas and The Filmhouse Ain’t #Dead Have You Been To Silverbird Cinemas Lately?

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A number of times when you tell someone “i’m going to watch a movie at Ozone Cinemas or The Filmhouse” they turn and give you that look that says “Now why would you wanna go and do something that stupid when Silverbird cinemas still exists?“. Contrary to what many people might say, going to Ozone Cinemas or The Filmhouse isn’t the dumbest move you’d make as far as going to watch a movie is concerned.

After watching movies at these 3 different cinemas in Lagos; The Filmhouse, Ozone Cinemas and Silverbird Cinemas the same period i was able to examine this belief people have.

Fillmhouse was the first port of call to watch Matt Damon try getting into Elysium. Other than the delay experienced before getting popcorn and drinks, the day turned out okay. The speakers worked alright, the picture wasn’t distorted and people present were not the usual noisemakers you come across elsewhere. Everything seemed alright… Oh yeah the seats remain awkward and uncomfortable making you feel like you are in a luxurious bus instead of a cinema.

Ozone Cinemas was the next place visited to watch World War Z, and for someone whose last movie experience there was some months back, i was half expecting a terrible time however things turned out exactly opposite. Despite being some minutes late, I got good seats at the cinema and managed to catch what was being said by the actors instead of the usual chatter you hear when you are at Ozone, it even got weirder when i noticed people were not clapping or cheering at every scene/remark. Needless to say that cinema experience also turned out alright.

Trying to make sure i watch Pacific Rim the same day as World War Z, Silverbird cinemas on the Island (Lagos) was the place to be as they were the only ones still showing the movie that night (last movie of the day). The movie experience started out just right as there was no queue at the refreshment stand and there was no point scanning for good seats as the hall wasn’t packed. But what started out as a nice movie experience quickly went downhill as the sound was utterly terrible and unbearable prompting people keep taking turns to go call the attendant. In addition to the terrible sound, the cooling system was set to “Kill them” which was also uncomfortable.

At the end of the day Silverbird turned out to be simply overrated as people talk about it like it’s a flawless place whereas the other two cinemas which are looked down on by some moviegoers ain’t half bad. So choose wisely where you go to watch a movie next time.

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Mistah Cole

Mistah Cole

is a Nigerian-born Music critic and movie blogger


  1. Now, I don’t know about the Silverbird cinema @ the island, but the cinema @ the Ikeja City Mall is very good. I haven’t been to either Filmhouse or Ozone though.

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