One Ping To Rule Them All…

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In a pretty shocking hara-kirian move, Blackberry released BBM on Android and iOS a few days ago. To paraphrase Eoin Colfer, they must either be crazy or saner than we can imagine. BBM has been the platform’s One Good Thing. The one feature that made using the device worth it. The hitherto AFC Nigerian male, on purchasing a blackberry would have access to a wide range of settable P. Boys have been known to spend school fees for less. My initial thought was that RIM was selling the company. To whom? Microsoft’s Nokia( Well, the phone division) and Google’s Motorola purchases mean these companies are unlikely to be poised for such a move.

Then RIM announced plans to release new phones. This is what got me worried. The Z30 will be running the Blackberry 10.2 OS. This means they either have access to alien technology, or they actually want to compete with Apple and Google. It’s crazy. You walk into a knife fight with guns, and then hand one each to your rivals. The way I see it, you are either Clint Eastwood or something very fishy is going on. Then I heard they would be giving it away for free. I mean,it’s worth a couple hundred naira at least but no, these nice people are going to give it away for free. I doubt it’ll be ad supported. That would ruin the look of the app. I know they are Canadians, but business people simply do not act like this.  I’ll be here watching warily until the next hand is played.

I guess Android and Apple met the relationship hell that is BBM. You think Whatsapp’s “last seen” caused many quarrels between spice? (It sounds so much better than spouses) BBM has read and delivered notification. Boys, your tongues had better begin doing push ups. You’re going to need it talking your way out of this one.  It’s not only on your side too. Wait until your girlfriend’s PM reads like: “Elegushi with Tony 😀 :X “(not your name), “Oriental on point B-) “(You didn’t take her there).

It’s safe to say we are all going to learn to be very patient or relationship heads will roll. There is an obvious downside. The always on interconnectedness. Think about it. YOU ARE ALWAYS ONLINE. Everyone from stalkers, to angry girlfriends, to friends whose events you missed, to angry bosses can yell at you in real time. Awesome isn’t it?

I give it a month before people start uninstalling. I guess it’s not as bad as it  was on BBs. You can be out of data or something. Maybe that’ll help.

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    1. No, he is just unable to cough up the money for an iPhone or an android, didn’t you see his sulky article on the iPhone 5s&c, *broke little nigga*, we get it, just get out the offering bowl and we can contribute towards an iPhone or an android for you sweetie

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