Miley’s Cheeky Tongue

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Miley Cyrus was all over the new last week for her provocative performance at MTV’s VMA Awards. She opened the show with Robin Thicke wearing a leotard, flashy flesh coloured bra and knickers, and her provocative way of waving her latex-clad bum at Robin Thicke generated controversy. The event started with her song, “We Can’t Stop,” but ended with the 20-year-old singer performing simulating nude acts, butt-bearing ensemble, and grabbing all over the Robin’s crotch.

Her fans and friends were shocked to see her performance as she suggestively danced and stuck her tongue out like some overheated dog after a run in the park. It wasn’t the kind of performance that the public would expect the Hannah Montana star.

Her raunchy show provoked a lot of criticism from all sources. However, the lady herself is proud of her acts and don’t see anything wrong with her MTV VMA performance. She said that she was just looking to make some history and proudly compared her performance with Madonna and Britney. Well, we would say the bold actress did make her point very clear!

The less than shy teenage sensation, actress and singer has made a trademark for her appearance by twerking out her cheeky tongue, and now it would be rather disappointing if we won’t see her displaying her famous in all of her performances and appearances.

If you haven’t had enough of Miley Cyrus’s tongue, here you have 20 Awesome Photos of Miley Cyrus sticking her tongue out through the years.

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