Men’s Fashion: Tips on Doing Bold BRIGHT Colours

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Before you venture into bight bold colours, you need ample supply of confidence. You also need to have a good eye for colour to balance bold bright pieces OR stay safe with the simpler approach, by pairing them with more common/neutral colours i.e. Navy Blue, Black, Grey, e.t.c.

Majority of men like to play it safe and that is because bold colours can be daring if not properly worn with the right colours. Here are some random tips to help.

Bright colours2-360nobs-fashion
Jamie Foxx and Tinne Tempah in bright colours

The most important tip to have in mind is to choose colours which are similar especially in cases were you want to combine two bright pieces. You can either go for a monotone look as done Jamie Foxx and Tinne Tempah with tier suits or mix complementary colours.  But do remember that one of the colours should be brighter than the other.

Have this in mind, whatever you do, avoid wearing too many colours at once as too much is a definite headache for passer bys (Lol).

Bright colours-360nobs
Muyiwa of River Songz and Iyanya
Doing Bold Colours
Another example

The colour wheel is a great tool which can help when matching bright bold colours.  For those who aren’t daring enough to wear two bold colours, a single use of a bright coloured piece is also great – which brings us to the next tip.


Go for the single bright coloured piece.  Be it in your shirt, trousers, blazer or shoes.

Doing Bold Colours

The best way to pull off the one colour at a time look is ‘neutralising with neutral piece’. This is pretty straight forward and simpler e.g bright blue blazer with grey chinos. No headaches or thinking if the colours complement, all you just need to get the fit right. You can draw less attention to the bold colour by pairing with neutral colours(See  picture of Iyanya). The way neutral colours can help reduce the intensity of the bold colour in your look, it can also be used to draw away attention from a specific part of the body.

Afraid to do bold colours or your day-to-day activities won’t allow you? Inject bold colours through accessories like socks, ties, pocket squares, bracelets. A flash of bold colour can elevate your look.

Doing bold colours with accessories

Layering is another perfect way if you are afraid of sticking out too much in your bright ensemble. E.g black cardigan with bright coloured shirt.

In closing, it is paramount to remember that you don’t let your clothes wear you whichever bright coloured tip you take on board or try out.  Your clothes should complement and highlight your best features rather than compete for absolute visual attention. Good luck!



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    1. Thank you for the comment. It’s just about making men’s fashion flexible. My advise is you pair them with neutral colours. That way you draw less attention to them. One thing about fashion genereally is we all have our style preferences

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