Meet The Winner Of 2013’s World’s Ugliest Animal, The Blobfish [Photos]

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A grumpy-looking fish called the blobfish has fended off competition from the Scrotum Frog and the Proboscis Monkey to be named the Ugliest animal of 2013.

The blobfish, described as ‘hideous’ by Simon Watt from the Ugly Animal Preservation Society, is a jelly-like fish that resembles a bald, grumpy old man.

Measuring up to a foot in length, it lives between 600 and 1,200 metres below the ocean surface off the coasts of Australia and Tasmania.

article-2419825-1BCB8AC9000005DC-96_634x375Despite being completely inedible, it has a habit of being hauled up in trawler nets.

Experts believe the blobfish is under serious threat, although there are no reliable estimates of its numbers.

The blobfish topped a shortlist of five ugly animals voted for online by members of the public.

In second place was the Kakapo, a critically endangered giant parrot from New Zealand, and number three was the Axolotl, a weird type of salamander from Mexico that is the equivalent of a giant tadpole.

Next on the list was the Titicaca water frog, aka the ‘scrotum frog’, which is only found in Lake Titicaca on the border of Peru and Bolivia.

Locals make a frappe of the unfortunate frog, which is considered an aphrodisiac, by cooking it and running it through a blender.

The last ugly animal is the proboscis monkey, from Borneo, whose enormous nose is literally its hooter.

The nose provides a resonating echo chamber for the monkey’s deafening mating calls.

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