Lion Kills Zoo Keeper In Ethiopia

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A zoo-keeper in Ethiopia has been mauled to death after he forgot to lock to the cage where the lion slept.

The BBC reports that he lion, named Kenenisa after the famous Ethiopian athlete Kenenisa Bekele, bit Abera Silsay, 51, in the neck, they said.

The attack is said to have lasted for 15-20 minutes.

The zoo was opened in 1948 for the pet lions of former emperor Haile Selassie.

The BBC’s Emmanuel Igunza reports from Addis Ababa that when he visited the zoo several hours after the Monday morning attack, a shoe belonging to the dead man was still lying on the floor, next to the seven-year-old lion which is still in the zoo.

The zoo was closed to the public.

Officials say about 2,000 people visit it daily.

Guards tried to scare off the lion by firing shots into the air, but to no avail, our reporter says.

Mr Abera was attacked as he was cleaning the lion’s cage.

“He entered cage number 10 where Kenenisa lives and he forgot to close the door [to the lion’s sleeping chamber],” the zoo’s director general Musie Kiflom told AFP news agency.

“Finally, the lion came and he mauled him,” he said.

Mr Musie told journalists that police were called to help, but it was “very difficult to save our colleague”.

Mr Abera died at the scene, he added.



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  1. The managers are the one to safe their employee’s life and develop a safe work environment, they can protect the workers life by installing automatic device. this is the second time and no safety measure was taken. Please make analysis and find solution not to happen again. Rest in peace.

  2. I felt very bad when i watch the video. To be honest, i blame the so call Managers. This is because they could have killed the lion immediately to safe the zoo keepers live but they stood with their guns and watched the lion chop the man to death. This means that the lion is much more important than the zoo keeper so they should stand to watch till the man to serve his own live. How can managers be so stupid and foolish like that??. I cry anytime i watch this video and i pray that his soul rest in peace. God punish the managers course them too wicked.

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