Lamar Odom To Release Book About Kardashian Sercrets? Including How Kim Thinks Kanye Smells Bad In Bed!

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Apparently angered at the Kardashians for telling TMZ about his drug abuse problems, Lamar Odom is reportedly set to release a book about the secrets of the Kardashian family, included Kim Kardashian’s alleged distate for Kanye West.

According to a recent MediaTakeOut report, Odom’s preparing to release a “vengeful” tell-all book. Apparently, he’s mad at the Kardashian clan for “leaking” all of his private business to TMZ, and now he’s ready to wreck some havoc of his own.

“[Odom]’s freaking out because he’s losing everything. He feels all the Kardashians are against him,” the report claims. This probably has to do with all the ongoing buzz surrounding cheating and drug abuse allegations.

Odom will allegedly recieve a $5 million advance for the seedy memoir. And he’s ready to put KimYe’s relationship on full blast.

“Lamar may go after Kim, who can be a self-absorbed monster,” the popular gossip mag claims.

“Lamar could also expose what Kim’s done for money, who she’s slept with, and the awful things she’s said about Kanye West,” an alleged source reveals. “Like how he smells bad in bed and how she’s not attracted to him.”

Odom also has some juicy details in regards to Kris Jenner’s “infidelity” and Khloe K’s “real father”…

Another source for In Touch explains, “[Odom] believes Kris Jenner and the Kardashians planted all the bad stories about him to make him look like a monster.” A fellow insider continues, “He’s deeply depressed and angry. He wants revenge.”




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