Lamar Odom Smoking Crack And Partying Wildly With Young Girls In Hidden House

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Lamar Odom is reportedly taking drugs and partying with “two women”.

The husband of socialite Khloé Kardashian hit headlines when it was revealed he’d supposedly cheated on the star and was struggling with an addiction to crack cocaine.

TMZ now claims the basketball player is “holed up” in a gated community 100 miles outside of Los Angeles.

“His life is now revolving around smoking crack and partying with two young women – and he’s intimate with one of them,” the website writes.

Lamar allegedly also has a driver who is commuting between his LA home and the private residence to “score drugs”, apparently including crack, for the sports star.

He is said to be so paranoid about getting caught, he tells his driver to only pick up small amounts at a time.

According to the gossip site, Lamar, 33, is spending time partying with the two ladies, who are both said to be in their early 20s.

He is said to be so worried about people watching him that he is using a special app which deletes text messages he sends as soon as they have been read.

The app apparently also lets him know if someone tries to take a screenshot of the message.

Lamar has reportedly lived in three different places over the past two months as he allegedly believes he won’t be caught if he keeps moving.

“As for Khloé… we’re told Lamar isn’t worried that she’ll leave him. He says he knows she loves him and has stood by him throughout the entire drug saga so he’s convinced she won’t abandon him now,” TMZ writes.

Khloé, 29, has been using social networking sites to show some of the inner turmoil she is feeling.

Over the past few weeks, she has posted some meaningful quotes on Instagram and she took to Twitter today to share a cryptic message with followers.

“I shouldn’t be surprised anymore. SMH [shake my head] (sic)” she wrote.



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  1. Larmar is going through problems and the best way he thinks to solve it, is to hit drugs. We all have demons that rise their heads occasionally. It takes The Grace Of God to see us through. Men react in different ways. Some drink, some take drugs, some sleep around etc. Larmar, God would see you through. Khloe should stand by her man. Even though its very very difficult. But she should remember her vows, for better for worse. These are challenges you go through in life! Life is not a bed roses

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