KCEE Confirms He Dated Ebube Nwagbo, Talks About Marital Status

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In a recent interview, Limpopo singer Kcee confirmed that he dated actress Ebube Nwagbo, and also talked about his marital status.

Rumors had abounded that Kcee had dumped Nwagbo for his current wife, with the actress reportedly going to spiritual measures to get him back.

Few weeks back, KCee was quoted as saying he is single or separated from his wife. In a recent chat, he was asked to clarify the issues.

Can you clear the air on your marital status and the alleged affair you had with actress, Ebube Nwagbo?

Most times, I don’t like talking about marriage because it is a private issue. But to clear the air, I never said I was married or not. The person that did the interview made a mistake. They asked a simple question about a wedding in Lekki some years back and I told them it was not my wedding, it was E-Money’s wedding.

Were you dating Ebube at the time?


Were you married at the time?

(Giggles) I don’t want to talk about it; I think we should move on.

The controversy continues, as he refused to deny or confirm his marriage or split from his wife.



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