Jazzman Olofin Rebranding, Plans New Album

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Jazzman Olofin, who rocked the clubs with his 2008 hit Raise Your Roof, has revealed the he is not done with music, and will be making a comeback soon.

In his own words he says, “I’m working on something, an album project, but I’m taking my time with it because I wanna do it right. I dream a lot, fantasize and cook up great things in my head, I keep writing on and on non-stop till the time is ripe enough to release them, but I want the things I need to be in place. I’m praying hard as well, body and soul needs God’s grace to excel.” On wondering if he’ll be rebranding, he says, “Yeah, I’m rebranding but I’m not going too far from what I am or do, I’ll just continue to explore my song writing ability and bring out more flavour that I’ve always been inspired to do but the way things were then wasn’t ready for it.

It appears Jazzman Olofin, real names Muyiwa Olofinkuade who rocked the scene in 2008 with the Mr Funky album isn’t too pleased with upcoming acts and their affinity for the fast lifestyle. Upon enquiry as to if he’ll be signing anyone or if he has supported any recently, he revealed; “Concerning new acts, I do all I can to support and encourage them. I signed up some, I wrote songs for some, introduced them to producers, featured on their tracks etc. Sadly, signing up an act is easier said than done, as most don’t have the patience to wait or learn. Not much loyalty out there, everybody wants to wear big chains, and roll out in Bugatti with big booty girls three weeks after dropping a single! So because some acts can’t do gradual development, betrayal and let downs are common in the scene. Never the less, I see few labels managing to do fantastic jobs with their acts and I’m impressed.

The singer who tied the knot with his wife Omobolanle; daughter of veteran actress Bukky Ajayi in October 2006, also went on to comment on the state of the Nigerian Entertainment Industry, “The state of the industry now is not bad really. I see some new singers, rappers and producers out there doing great. I hear some jams in the club and I can’t help but nod to them. Glamour and hype is now bigger than the business; proper structure is still needed. Also I notice lots of copy-cats, every new act trying to sound like whoever is “reigning”; lots of beats sounding cheap, the same and noisy. But heck, everybody wants to blow. I was at a studio this evening and I saw an old man yelling madly at his 13 year old daughter to sing properly or get the f-ck out of the studio! The poor girl was embarrassed; she started crying while facing the mic to record! I guess d motto now is “Sing or die trying”.



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