It’s Not “Just Twitter”: 12-Year Old Jumps To Her Death After Being Cyber-Bullied

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Police in Lakeland, Florida are investigating over 15 school girls after their cyber-bullying led a 12-year old girl to jumping to her death.

MailOnline reports that Rebecca Ann Sedwick leaped to her death from a cement silo at an abandoned factory a mile from her home in Lakeland, Florida.

Her body was discovered at 6.45am on Tuesday morning after her mother reported that her daughter had not returned from school on Monday evening.

Polk County sheriff Grady Judd said on Thursday that law enforcement and the school district were not to blame, adding that he planned to press charges against the bullies if enough evidence is found.

Judd told the Orlando Sentinel: ‘Girls can get pretty catty as kids. The system cannot manage all that cattiness … I truly believe the school system tried but we don’t live in a perfect world.’

Detectives are now looking at 15 girls who may have been involved and the sheriff said today that if there is enough evidence to prove that the law has been broken, he will recommend that they be charged.

A vigil was held for 12-year-old Rebecca at the abandoned factory where she took her own life on Wednesday night.

Following her suicide, Rebecca’s family found online bullying directed at her just four days before, according to 10 News.

The family believed that the bullying had stopped after the 12-year-old was moved school.

Rebecca’s mother Tricia Norman told the Lakeland Ledger that girls had bullied her daughter viciously online at Crystal Lake Elementary School last year, bombarding her with messages on her cellphone such as: ‘You’re ugly’; ‘Why are you still alive?’ and ‘Go kill yourself’.

At one point the 12-year-old was physically attacked in school. Ms Norman pulled her daughter out of Crystal Lake and moved her to Lawton Childs Middle Academy.




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  1. This has nothing to do with what color her skin is… statistically white people do commit suicide more often than other races, but thats completely irrelevant. and anyone who is saying she’s stupid or weak etc, SHE WAS 12. thats exactly what age I was when I was bullied to the point of being suicidal. at that age you don’t have enough self worth, thats the age that you are trying to figure out who you are. having your head filled with messages from people telling you to kill yourself or you should die has an overwhelming impact when you get to a point where you have no reason to disagree with them. If I was treated now at 19 years old the way I was treated when I was 12-13, I definitely wouldn’t let it affect me the way it did before, I wouldnt let someone elses words cause me to end my life because at this point I know who I am and who im not, and that I am worth more than anyone who would treat another person so maliciously.

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